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October 31st, 2002
King of Rock
I decided due to time constraints not to go as Alex Murphy this Halloween, instead I dressed as Darth Vader and passed out candy to a few families. I told the kids that the force was strong with them. They looked at me and asked what that meant. Either I'm old or they have been underprivileged by missing out on Star Wars. I put on some Alice Cooper Man Behind the Mask and Michael Jackson Thriller, some Halloween Movies and called it a night. I also finished working on my portfolio.
On a sad note I was disappointed to hear of the murder of Jam Master Jay. What is this world coming to?
King of Rock

October 27th, 2002
Trial by fire, trial by water
I have been in seclusion (sort of) in preparation for my portfolio submission. The terror of the serial sniper has subsided. It has been an October under the fire of a sniper and repeatedly wet weather making things difficult. I made a comment about how one of the funniest things to come out of it was the media's comments. But now that it's over the strangest thing about it is that the sniper took the time to buy a weapon, get the bi-pod and materials, cut a hole in the trunk of the vehicle, meticulously murder innocents and terrorize an entire area for over three weeks only to call the 1-800 tip line to give clues which led to his arrest. I mean, if you just want to go to jail, and receive three hots and a cot, there are better ways of going about it.
With that said I have enjoyed working on my portfolio. Everything has worked out smoothly this month. It's a good time right now, October has been a classic. The fall colors are gorgeous, the Halloween spirit is in the air, I'm working on high quality art work while watching football and the World Series. The music has been great.
The portfolio takes precedence over everything else though. I have one date (Nov. 1st), one shot at getting in before I run out of options and get boxed out of staying at this school. I think of myself as a team headed for the playoffs in control of its own destiny. I'm relying on my efforts, not chance or luck. Win and your in, lose, and it's all over but the crying. Don't wish me luck this time, I don't need it.

October 26th, 2002
I'm The Dude...I'm Emmitt Smith...I'm Fugazi!!
I saw a commercial for Star Wars Episode II coming to DVD. A complete digital transfer. The commercial said "On November 12th, Yo-Da-Man!" Yo-Da-Man?...Oh wait, I get it. YODA MAN like You Da Man, oh, that was....
Anyway, it coincided with my trip to Virginia for art supplies. I went to pearl art store then decided to go to Springfield to buy my darth vader mask. I debated on buying it because of the cost, but then the star wars theme came on in the Halloween store. The commercial and the theme were signs convincing me to get it, and that was that.
I found an official Redskins store in the mall and almost pissed myself when I walked in. I drooled over the seemingly endles amount of Redskins merchandise. Ja-Sweet.
Also on this day I actually had two customers hand me two dimes and a nickel and ask me for a "case quarter". I've mentioned this before. What is a case quarter? I was told people say this so that I'm aware that want to receive a single quarter as opposed to two dimes and a nickel. HELLO! They are handing me two dimes and a nickel, obviously they don't wish to receive the same thing back. When you hand me two dimes and a nickle and ask for a quarter, I can figure it out. Don't inflate your language with unnecessary adjectives. It's like George Carlin said, people are always using this prefix 'pre'. I hear it all the time. Pre-qualify for a loan, or for 0% financing on a new car! How can you qualify before qualifying. For all the "pre" people and "case quarter" people: "Pre-suck my genitle situation!"

October 21st, 2002
Grand son of Sam
"Put the fucking lotion in the basket" (Buffalo Bill)
I mean like, geez. This October really has been scary. I thought sitting in a dark classroom viewing poor quality art slides, sitting in traffic and eating cafeteria or fast food was frightful, but now a sniper has targeted the area. He (or they?) has/have been given clever nicknames by the media. The psycho sniper, The serial sniper, and even The beltway sniper. Oh those clever journalists and reporters. It was bad enough when you went to work and had to worry about some terrorists flying a plane into your building. Now you might not even make it to work, you might get clipped while pumping gas on the way to the job. It makes me long for the simple days of yesteryear when all these problems seemed impossible, and improbable. When O.J. Simpson running from the cops in a white bronco was the only breaking news. But it also makes me recall a phrase or quote I've heard somewhere- "America Loves its Psychos"
September 11th was probably the only time that I have ever witnessed a national tragedy become commercialized, so it will be intersting to see where this thing goes. Currently my favorite comment to come out of this is the media complaining about how law enforcement and investigators blatantly used them to communicate with the sniper(s). Um, It's not like you can send him a text message, I don't think he left an internet screen name in hopes of some friendly real-time chatting.

October 10th, 2002
Desperately Seeking Cowboy

Clipping from the pennysaver, I'm all over that...


October 1st, 2002
More complaints
I have a laundry list of general complaints that I wish to share at this time.
1. I find myself aggravated when bands release greatest hits complilations every year or two. Just release one greatest hits album on one label. Stop releasing the greatest hits...the best of...the anthology...the best of the greatest hits enhanced CD Vol 6...
Release one album and if you have new material make it so the disc is upgradable or renewable. Also stop announcing the title of the hidden track on the back. If you come out and tell me about it then it's not really hidden now is it?
2. Annoyed with people who answer multiple choice questions with Yes or No. "Would you like to go shopping or go see a movie?" "Yes"
3. Annoyed with people who ask if something starting with A or The is filed under A or T. "Is the The Shawshank Redemption under T for The or S for Shawshank?" "It's under S for Stupid."
4. At what point did Jason Sehorn become a celebrity? It's not like he's that great of a cornerback anyway.
5. I'm tired of people wearing pajamas in public. Somehow it has become fashionable. You should be zapped by a laser beam if you wander any further than your driveway or trashcan while still in your PJ's.
6. I'm sick of girls wearing belts above the pants around the waist. See the belt actually goes through the loops, that's why they are there. Belts were not meant to pinch and therefore draw focus on your baby fat.
7. Why is it necessary for people to have colored headlights. I don't need pastel green or blue highbeams blinding me, thanks. Leave the party bulbs at the party.
8. Stop putting neon bars in the undercarriage of your car. What is the purpose of neon light shining beneath your car? Do the insects in your driveway have some sort of social night scene happening?
9. I'm tired of people on walkie-talkie style phones broadcasting their intimate conversations in public. BLEEP BLOOP "Sheila, did you put ointment on it?" BLEEP BLOOP "Yeah, but it's still oozin'!"
10. What is a Lifetime Limited Warranty? Sounds like an oxy moron. How can it be lifetime if it's limited? Unless you are on your way out soon, maybe they are selling you a deadly product in hopes that you expire before the warranty.
Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me

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