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November 27th, 2002
Card Subject To Change
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Things have been good in Zosieland as of late. I have taken care of almost all of my assignments and responsibilities for school. Just have registration and finals left. Work is calm and normal. I'm starting to get my home in order.
This has been one of the better Thanksgivings, not having to work had something to do with that. I was able to take care of everything on Monday - Wednesday leaving Thanksgiving open for some R & R. As the holiday was being planned, it seemed almost my entire family was going to come over to my dad's house. Then some folkes weren't able to make it, some supposed to come the next day, then again not, etc. As Vince McMahon would say, the "Card is Subject To Change." I taped four hours of acoustic music off of HFS, although most of it was the same old stuff. Not a year goes by where I don't here Violent Femmes Blister in the Sun acoustic, Alice in Chains Rooster Acoustic or Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving song 3 or 4 times on turkey day.
Anyway, it was a great day. I was able to spend this holiday with nine other members of my family. The end of the year is a good time to spend some time at home and reflect on the year and on your life so far. It's a good time for family and friends. Ahh, Turkey, Beer, and Redskins Football, it doesn't get any better than this.

November 12th, 2002
Charles Not In Charge

Nick at Nite is running a week long Charles in Charge Marathon aptly titled the Charles Not In Charge Marathon. Four episodes a night from 9pm - 11pm. Check it out now, no dispute. "I can't forget those days."
Also, may I mention that I've seen Nicole Eggert Naked. Make a note of it, good stuff!

November 11th, 2002
¿Who's That Man?

¿Who's That Man? Win a chance to earn an undisclosed amount of Zosie.com Bonus Bucks this holiday season by guessing who this man is. Every e-mail you send to Zosie.com is a free, automatic entry to win. ?????

November 8th, 2002

November 5th, 2002
"And just like the blue bees..."
Hey, with the holiday season fast approaching, Hollywood has really kicked it into gear. Eminem has a movie out, some critics actually say "it's the next Purple Rain." Um, yeah, sure. And Adam Sandler has a Christmas Cartoon coming out, joy. Featuring the vocal talents of...Adam Sandler! Finally, if Pauly Shore releases something this season I'll never have a reason to leave the theatres. Except I can't go to Muvico at Arundel Mills anymore. They banned me for picking away at one of the theatres columns with a rock hammer. I was only looking for ancient relics.

November 4th, 2002
Novacaine for the Soul
There has always been something special about this date. Several years (I'd rather not indicate exactly how many years, but it sounds close to several) ago was the day I started working in the hell hole I'm still in. Homecoming was later in the evening as well as Kim Turner's birthday. I had dental work done at noon today. It took one shot of novacane in the top of my mouth to repair a filling and it took three!!! in the bottom portion of my mouth just to do one filling on the cracked enamel of a tooth. Good stuff. I remember Landslide by Fleetwood Mac coming on the radio in the office. Ahh, it took me right back to those sweet days. I was disturbed later on to hear Christmas music and to see Christmas displays in stores when I went shopping. It's only Nov. 4th! It was a good day never the less and in memory of Classical Zosie, a Bahlsen Hit cookie and a cup of peppermint cocoa in toast to you.

November 1st, 2002
I'm The Man Now Dog
Yes that's right, I'm The Man Now Dog
I woke up on a crisp November 1st morning and went to UMBC. I turned in my portfolio and rested while waiting for it to be reviewed. I went back at 4pm to pick it up and this time there was a letter in side with a score and it said I was accepted as a visual arts major. I was pleasantly shocked and overwhelmed with satisfaction. The hard work and dedication paid off. It's not the biggest accomplishment in the world, but it is important to me. It was important to me on a time-sensitive scheduling level as well as on a personal level. I remember driving into the school in the morning and seeing a tour bus on UMBC Blvd. with a marque on the side saying "One-Won". I thought, "Yeah, One did Win." I was on the money this time, dead-solid perfect. I almost want to say that getting back to the core fundamentals of my talents and skills was a return to Classical Zosie. I am heavily reminded of the fall of 1995 when it was after a brief lull it was a return to Zosie Gold Series. This fall has striking similarities to the flavor and feel of that great period seven years ago. It looks like it's 'coming up Zosie'.
Instead of being a sore-winner and a gloating asshole, I decided to be nice for once and give a shout out to the people who helped me along the way. First I want to thank my parents and my family, without their love, support and advice, my portfolio and life in general would not be where it is. I want to thank my teachers Tom Berault and Michelle Smith from PGCC and Professor Grunstein from UMBC who have helped me learn and grow in my education. I want to thank my friends who have always recognized my creativity and my talents and have always inspired me to improve myself and persist in my goals.
Now with that out of the way, I plan to set up a web portfolio page and build on it from time to time. My portfolio page will be titled "High Art in the 21st Century!" I plan to establish a new personality while working on art, working on my web site portfolio, or while discussing anything related to art in general. I plan to where a mask while engaging in this new persona. I am pleased to let you know that while art is involed, you may now refer to me as...Rich B. Ornate!!! I hope this new obnoxious character will give you the chills. Oh, and I did not forgot about my plan to sail down the Patapsco River all the way to the bay. Once again, anyone interested in giving me a ride back to my vehicle is welcome.
-Zosie (Rich B. Ornate)
The Nails - 88 Lines About 44 Women

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